April 12, 2021

Ramadan Mubarak - 2021

Ramadan Mubarak - 2021

The moon has been sighted. Hence the month of Ramadan will begin from tonight. Isha prayer starts at 9:15 pm.

By the grace of Allah we will be able to celebrate Ramadan at the masjid this year. Here are the guidelines and programs that we will be following throughout the blessed month.

Men's Isha and Taraweeh prayers will be performed as usual. All brothers are to maintain social distancing and pray ONLY at the marked spots. Similarly to Jumma prayers, once the men's hall is full, the remaining brothers will be praying in the parking lot.

For the Women's Isha and Taraweeh prayers, due to the limited space, only 30 Women maximum will be allowed. There will be security standing at the Women's entrance, once the maximum capacity of 30 is reached,  no one will be allowed to enter the Women's hall.

For safety and security reasons, kids under the age of 15 are being discouraged from coming for Isha prayers. If you decide to bring your kid you will be asked to make them pray right next to you. If kids are found running around, after a warning they will be sent home.

Due to health safety reasons, the AC and fan will remain OFF during tarweeh prayers. If someone is hot, they can pray outside .

Absolutely NO food will be allowed in the masjid. There will be NO dinner service at all throughout the whole month. Masjid will provide a very lite iftar, everyday, mainly for the brothers who work in the area.

We will have programs throughout ramadan by both of our imams S. Hamza and S. Faisal. S. Hamza will give a dars after every Fajr salah and Monday through Thursday after Tarweeh prayers. Mufti faisal will give a dars in Urdu on Friday and Saturday nights after Tarweeh prayers.

During the last ten nights there will be NO suhoor nor Qiyam-ul-layl taking place in the masjid.  Brothers are encouraged to take this opportunity to worship at home with their kids and families.
Regarding the Sunnah Itekaaf during the last ten days, we had a maximum of 3 people limit. ALL 3 spots have been reserved. We are not accepting any more participants.
We plan to do Khatum of the Quran on 27th night as usual. Inshallah, there will be a fundraiser for our ongoing construction project, followed by the Khatum-ul-Quran, followed by Dua and sweets.

Finally, we will be running a fund raising campaign for our constuction project and operational funds throughout Ramadan. We are requesting all the brothers and sisters to please help spread the word and share the message as much as they can with all their contacts on social media.