June 22, 2020


  1. There will be two Jumu'ah 1:30 and 2:00 (No English talk).
  2. Arabic khutbah will start exactly at the above mentioned times.
  3. Jumu'ah gates will open at 1 pm, please do not crowd around the entrance to wait for gate to open.
  4. Women and children under 13 are discouraged from coming due to lack of space with facility constraints.
  5. Be sure to bring your own prayer rug and wear a face mask.
  6. Your temperature will be checked at the gate.
  7. Please cooperate with the volunteers at the gate as they are only following the county's guidelines.
  8. Congregants will be allowed to enter the parking lot/praying area exactly 10 minutes before the khutbah.
  9. Maximum of 200 people will be allowed to enter for every prayer. (100 indoors, 100 outdoors)
  10. Once the limit of 200 is reached, the rest of the people will wait for the next prayer.
  11. To reduce the risk of contagion, people will be asked to not gather and wait outside the masjid rather wait in their car and arrive 10 minutes before the start of next prayer.
  12. Everyone will need to exit the praying area immediately after the prayer is over, in order to not delay the next salat.
  13. Please pray your sunnas, nafls at home.
  14. If you have a fever please stay home.
  15. Please donate generously for the masjid construction funds and ongoing operations.
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Jazakumullahu Khayran,

Masjid Al Rahman