August 20, 2021

Follow up meeting and Survey Results

Follow up meeting and Survey Results

Asalamu Alaykum

We would like to thank the community for attending the follow up meeting we had last Sunday. Alhumdulliah some great opinions and ideas were exchanged, both supporting and opposing the purchase.

We also want to thank all those who took part in the survey. We had over 120 people who participated. Below is the results of the survey.

As seen in figure below, overwhelming majority, about 88% of the participants support the purchase of the property. Only 10% oppose it and about 2% are indifferent.

When asked about the possible uses for the property, about 55% would like to pursue the option of expansion towards that side. About 32% would like to see it become a rental property for masjid to benefit and the rest had various opinions.

As for the expansion funds being allocated to purchasing this property, about 71% of the participants are willing to offer their given donation towards this project.  

All in all it was great to see the community participating in this effort. With such strong show of support from the community, inshallah we will be moving forward with this project. Please look out for the Fundraiser details and flyers to be posted soon.

And lastly, we like to remind everyone that our scholars always say that before consultation everyone might have different views, ideas and opinions. But once the consultation has concluded and the decision has been made, then everyone's opinion should be in unison with what has been decided. In doing this,  our hearts will remain united and the mercy and help of Allah will be with us. We ask Allah to accept everyone's efforts in serving his house.