July 24, 2020

Eid Salat Announcement

InshaAllah we will be having three Eid salats in our masjid parking lot. Salat timings will be 7:00/8:00/9:00 am.

Due to the Covid lockdown and some unexpected renovation expenses, our masjid is in dire need for some urgent funds. For that reason we will be holding a small fundraiser preceding each Eid salat.

The program will start sharply at the above mentioned times, followed by Eid salat shortly thereafter.

Gates will open at 6:30am for the first salat.
Once the maximum capacity of the praying area is reached, people will be asked to wait for the next salat.
Following the salat and khutba, people will be asked to vacate the praying area immediately to allow for the next salat to take place.

6:30 entrance
7:00 brief fundraiser, followed by salat & khutba
7:40 vacate
Same sequence for the other two prayers as well.

Please note that Social Distancing will be maintained at all times.  This means no Eid greeting hugs or hand shakes. Please be sure to bring your mask and a thick prayer rug.

Please note we are expecting a huge crowd for this Eid. Please cooperate with the volunteers' requests to help facilitate things.

Due to lack of space, No women and children are allowed.